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Emma Hayes is a visual artist who was born in Dublin in 1996, living in Co. Meath. She graduated in Painting in the National College of Art and Design, Dublin in 2018. Hayes’s work is informed by her internalised experiences, childhood memories and immediate surroundings.

 Through collage, paint and installation, Hayes is interested in the process of making a picture. The process of making a painting is a key focus in how she makes work. How Hayes applies paint is important to her. She uses gestural marks, confident brushstrokes, minimal strokes, layering and overlapping shapes, opacities and translucencies to convey personal attachments to her environment and around home life. She is interested in how we represent ourselves within our own environment through saturated colours, layered elements and our experiences.

Hayes’s work is included in public and private collections, including OPW and she has been part of many exhibitions in Ireland.

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