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601 Days

Paul Hallahan, Emma Hayes, Barbara Knezevic, Sven Sandberg, Lee Welch 


Berlin Opticians Gallery is pleased to announce that our next exhibition, 601 days, will premiere on our website on 10 June 2020. The title captures the amount of time that has passed between the gallery’s opening and the launch of this exhibition.

When Berlin Opticians Gallery debuted in October 2018, our modus operandi was to champion the work of the gallery artists with exhibitions hosted both on our website, as online-only exhibitions, and in a nomadic fashion with various physical exhibitions throughout Dublin city; something that seemed quite unusual at the time. For us, back then 601 days ago, the online manifestation was born out of necessity and it continues to be a defining part of our identity today. 

As a contemporary art gallery that presents online-only exhibitions along with nomadic iterations of physical exhibitions, we endeavour to present and promote a group of thought provoking Irish and international artists we believe in.

With this in mind, we would like to mark our journey so far and toast to our future together with the artists we have enjoyed working with since opening. 601 days is the first of two group exhibitions that simply celebrate being here and being present.


For more information and sales enquiries, please contact: Marysia Wieckiewicz-Carroll, Director:

'Under the Stairs Where We Once Played'

Under the Stairs Where We Once Played, 2017

acrylic and oil on canvas


601 Days Exhibition 2020


David Beattie, Neil Carroll, Paul Hallahan, Emma Hayes, Barbara Knezevic, Alicia Reyes McNamara, Sarah O’Brien, 
Liliane Puthod, Sven Sandberg, Lee Welch

5 – 9 June 2019
City Assembly House, 58 South William Street, Dublin 2.
Preview: Wednesday 5 June 6-8pm
Exhibition continues:
Thursday 6 June —Saturday 8 June 10am—6pm
Sunday 9 June 12pm—5pm

BINGO! is the second manifestation of Berlin Opticians Gallery in a physical space. For this iteration, the Gallery inhabits the stately and historic octagonal Exhibition Room in the City Assembly House, following the inaugural exhibition in the semi-domestic interiors of Merrion Square last year.

The City Assembly House was the first purpose-built public exhibition gallery in Ireland and Britain. In acknowledgement of its historical function, this presentation of contemporary artworks explores how this period exhibition space, originally modelled on the Paris Salon, can be negotiated using the conventions of contemporary modes of display.

BINGO! presents some recent and newly commissioned artworks by ten Irish and international artists whose practice spans all art forms: painting, sculpture, photography, installation, and video. It looks at the unlikely relationship between contemporary art and Georgian architecture,
acknowledging both the moments of happy and successful co-existence and the possible tensions.

'Dreamy Skies' 30x40cm 2017

Dreamy Skies, 2017

oil on canvas


'Februrary Flowers' 59x74cm 2018

February Flowers, 2018

oil on canvas



Wish Me A Wonder

Garter Lane Arts Centre is proud to present Wish Me A Wonder, a group exhibition of works by Emma Hayes, Sarah O’Brien, Liliane Puthod and Sven Sandberg.

This exhibition will officially open on 11 May at 3.00pm.



Emma Hayes, Liliane Puthod, Sven Sandberg, Sarah O Brien



Berlin Opticians Gallery is proud to present Evocations, the first solo exhibition by the Dublin-based artist Emma Hayes.
Evocations is a series of paintings informed by Hayes’s immediate surroundings, her internalised experiences and childhood memories. In this body of work Hayes uses gestural marks, confident, minimal strokes and colours of various opacities and translucencies to convey personal attachments to her environment and anxieties around home life. 
Painted with a determined lightness of touch, the works depict domestic interiors and scenes where the inhabitants are notably absent: a pink-walled bedroom, teak bookcases in a sitting-room, a bleak view from a kitchen window. 

Despite the absence of a subject, Hayes's approach to composition implies a human presence by amplifying the gaze of the painter, and presents the viewer with a long, lingering view of familiar looking spaces. 

Emma Hayes graduated from the department of Fine Art, Painting in the National College of Art and Design in 2018. The same year she was long-listed for the RDS Graduate Award. Hayes's work is included in private and public collections, including OPW.  

Berlin Opticians Gallery presents and promotes the artists’ works with a scheduled programme of exhibitions available through online documentation every six weeks and punctuated with off-site physical exhibitions and projects in various unique spaces around Dublin.

 For more information about the exhibition or sales please contact: Marysia Wieckiewicz-Carroll, Director:

Past Memories

Behind the Glass, 2018

oil on canvas



Please Knock, 2018

oil on canvas



Two Hours, 2018

oil on canvas


Berlin Opticians Gallery Launch

Launch exhibition (October 18th - 20th 2018, 63 Merrion Square)

David Beattie, Neil Carroll, Paul Hallahan, Emma Hayes, Barbara Knezevic, Alicia Reyes McNamara, Sarah O’Brien, Liliane Puthod, Sven Sandberg, Lee Welch


Past Memories, 2018

oil on canvas


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